Television presenter Kate Garraway has opened up about her husband's health struggles in a new podcast recorded in Oxford.

Peter Leonard, the chief executive of a growing organisation based in Oxford, Family Links: The Centre for Emotional Health, has launched a new podcast named ‘Emotionally Speaking’.

He urges his audience to talk about emotional heath more openly as it can become a social and emotional learning experience for everyone across the nation to engage in.

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In the first episode of the podcast series, Mr Leonard welcomed guest speaker, Kate Garraway, who grew up in Oxfordshire and attended Dunmore Primary School and Fitzharrys School in Abingdon.

The Good Morning Britain and Loose Women presenter spoke about her strategies for maintaining her emotional health in the difficult times she had with her husband's health, which has been affected by long-Covid.

A former Labour lobbyist, he caught the virus in March 2020 and was taken to hospital where he was put in an induced coma.

"His brain had always been his ally and friend, but now it is his enemy. I think he's had a big emotional struggle," Mrs Garraway said.

"You occasionally get a little bit of a Chorley accent in there so it feels like he is more present, but he still can't sit up without assistant and his life isn't his own."

Oxford Mail:

When asked on how he was able to recruit Mrs Garraway as his first guest, Mr Leonard said others were also surprised that an upcoming organisation was able to welcome a big name like Mrs Garraway.

She is seen across the nation on shows and radio stations.

It was contacts through friends and support from Loftus Media which helped to get Mrs Garraway on the podcast episode.

Mr Leonard highlighted that a podcast can be a good medium which is easily accessible to many people. The podcasts can also be transcribed for people who have hearing difficulties.

The duration of the podcast episodes last up to 30 minutes.

The dialogue of the episodes is set up as a conversation, which feels welcoming for listeners and allows the speakers to share their views more comfortably.

To organise this podcast, Mr Leonard said that it was not a case of needing to be inspired because the podcast is arranged purely out of wanting to help people.

The concept of the podcast is to inspire others to encourage more positivity.

Talking on target audiences, Mr Leonard said that the aim was to have the podcast listened by people of all ages.