Oxford City Council has been called out in a mocking article over its unanimously passed motion to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Councillors turned their gaze to the international crisis in Monday’s (November 27) council meeting, where, sat in Oxford Town Hall, they discussed the motion brought forward by Oxford Socialist Independent’s councillor Paula Dunne.

The motion was bolstered by a passionate speech given by leader of the Green group Chris Jarvis.

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An article published in The Spectator yesterday (November 29), poked fun at the council for its display of solidarity.

It read: “On Monday, Oxford City Council which is run by Labour – added its impetus to the international chorus of voices urging for a ceasefire.”

It then went on to quote Ms Dunne’s post-meeting tweet, where she wrote: “Tonight the motion I proposed at Oxford City Council to call for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza passed unanimously. End apartheid. End occupation.”

The article then continued: “Yet another game-changer, surely? I doubt it. Oxford will hardly be the last council to declare its support for Gaza and Palestine.”

Commenting on how he believes foreign wars have the “unfortunate side-effect of bringing out the self-regarding narcissist in people,” the article’s author Patrick West highlights the role of social media.

He writes: “This is made all the more pronounced in our era of social media, in which some types appear to think that mere tweets can stop wars, and that an appropriately-altered Facebook profile might bring about world peace.”

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens said of the council’s motion: “I’m sure in the Knesset they constantly read the minutes of Oxford City Council and find out what they think. And Hamas absolutely are agog.”

In his speech to the council, Mr Jarvis explains why he believes it’s important to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

He said: “This council should make clear that the attacks on October 7 were horrific and that all hostages must be released unconditionally.

“This council should add our voice to the calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, this is the only way to end the immediate suffering and killing in Gaza and begin to build a path to peace.

“The text of the motion before us says that as of November 10, 11,087 people have been killed by Israeli forces.

“In the 17 days since, 1,000s more have been killed. A pause is not sufficient, nothing short of a full, permanent ceasefire will suffice.

“Our council should recognise our city’s long-standing historic and important links with Palestine and its people - not least through our twinning relationship with city of Ramallah – and extend our solidarity with them.”


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