Presenter and DJ Chris Stark took part in an Oxford Union debate to advocate for the inclusion of Bounty bars in Celebrations chocolates.

The classic confection was excluded by parent company Mars from select tubs during the festive season last year.

Mr Stark, formerly of Radio 1, described the Bounty bar as "more than just a chocolate bar".

Oxford Mail: Chris Stark making the case for the inclusion of Bounty'sChris Stark making the case for the inclusion of Bounty's (Image: Pinpep)

He said: "Once enjoyed, you are left, or should I say rewarded, with tiny little presents of coconut in your mouth all day. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

"When I open my Celebrations tub and eye a Bounty, that's exactly as I see it. My little blue and white treasure. My reward. A gift to myself."

Though not all shared the same sentiment.

Heather Li, an Oxford Union member, said: "Bounty bars are singlehandedly undermining the joy and togetherness of the holidays.

"It’s time to give up on pretending that Bounty has a place in the nation’s hearts."

Mars Wrigley’s UK business unit director, Kerry Cavanaugh, said: "With the result moving in favour of banishing Bounty from the Celebrations tub, it's given us a lot to think about as we question his future."

Mars introduced a 'Bounty Return Scheme' in 2021, allowing consumers to exchange unwanted Bounty bars for Maltesers as a result of a poll showing it to be the least popular choice in the Celebrations tub.