Two young men have been jailed for their involvement in the BB gun robbery of a corner shop.

Defendants James Povey and Lewis Greenslade were 24 and 17 respectively when they entered the Wantage Premier store at Barnards Way in April 2020, Oxford Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

Greenslade walked up to the counter with the imitation firearm in his hand and demanded the shopkeeper give him cash.

Judge Ian Pringle QC handed a sentence of 27 months to both Povey and Greenslade for what he described as a "serious criminal offence".

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Now 27 and 20 respectively, the two men had arrived at the store three years ago whereupon Greenslade robbed the shopkeeper of £200.

Construction worker Povey had been in the store at the time but told the court he had had no knowledge of what his childhood friend was about to do.

But a jury unanimously found Povey guilty on September 20 of a single count of robbery. 

Mr Pringle concluded at the sentencing today: "You may have both had different parts in this offence but you were both in it together.

The judge added he had received a "huge number of statements about the qualities that both clearly have" and suggested that there was substantial potential for reform.

He said this was given the family support and that both young men were "perfectly capable of living good lives".

Prosecutor Sophie Stannard read out a recent statement from the robbed shopkeeper who said he now shut his shop earlier due to fear that the robbery had evoked in him.

He spoke about a feeling of unease when people came into the shop wearing dark clothing and said his health had been impacted by the ordeal, stating: "I do continue to run the shop but I am cautious.

"I know James Povey, I have known him for years.

"I can't help but feel disappointed that he too was involved in this crime."

Meanwhile, the barrister for Greenslade pointed out that while the defendant had been found guilty at 18, it was perhaps not his fault that this verdict had taken several months to come about.

He added that he had committed the crime when he was 17 years and two months old.

Reference was also made to Greenslade's "remorse" at having committed the crime, a difficult upbringing, and his apparent willingness to reform and recent good behaviour.

The barrister for Povey questioned the evidence upon which the defendant had been found guilty of the crime and also referenced examples which appeared to show good character.

Judge Pringle imposed a restraining order of 10 years preventing both young men from entering the Premier store during this time in addition to the 27-month sentence.