If you live in the Oxford area or plan to visit any time soon, then make sure to explore these scenic parts of the county that will be sure to make its way into your social media stories and posts.

Here are five key locations that have picture-worthy greenery and nature:

Blenheim Palace

Starting off with a grand opening to this list, Blenheim Palace is an impressive country house in Woodstock. Often an ideal location for filming opportunities, the property is surrounded by 2,000 acres of greenery which hosts seasonal events that are definitely worth posting about online.

This includes the Blenheim Palace Illuminated Christmas Lights Trail which is filled with up to 20,000 brightly coloured moving lights shaped into intricate arches and decorated on large trees.

The walk can last up to an hour and a half as visitors can explore different themes and story telling's of the lights' impressive structures.

Oxford Mail: A Christmas lights display at Blenheim Palace A Christmas lights display at Blenheim Palace (Image: Madihah Najeeb)All year round the abundance of greenery and nature is definitely worth a visit with friends and family.

The Harcourt Arboretum

Another natural wonder in Oxfordshire that cannot be missed is the Harcourt Arboretum, owned by the University of Oxford and located in the Oxford Lodge, Peacock Gate.

It is an impressive arboretum that covers up to 150 acres of land and hosts 130 acres of its land to inhabiting endangered species of trees.

Seasonal highlights include wildfire meadows, bluebell blooms and resident wild peacocks which elegantly display themselves around the arboretum.

An ideal location for greenery and floral pictures up close, make sure you have sensible shoes on though as it can be grassy at times.

Christ Church Meadow

An area more local to the town centre of Oxford is Christ Church Meadow, which is a tranquil flood meadow by the River Cherwell.

It is a ideal location to view groups or individuals rowing, kayaking and punting along the river and to view the Christ Church and Merton colleges.

Oxford Mail: Christ Church Meadow Christ Church Meadow (Image: Newsquest archive)It also has a meadow with deer and cow landscapes, so overall a good location to capture pictures of various activities and landscapes.

University Parks

Another more central location for picnics and picturesque walks is The Oxford University Parks, more commonly known as just University Parks.

It is another park which goes along the River Cherwell and is 70 acres wide, where you can walk 3.1 miles around and through the park with its winding routes.

Oxford Mail: University Parks University Parks (Image: Newsquest archive)It is also a historical venue for Oxford University’s cricket clubs, which would be a ideal photo opportunity in the summer season.

Port Meadow

And lastly, there is the place where most students and youngsters find themselves in on a hot summer's day in British summer, Port Meadow which is on Walton Road.

With a 5.3 km circular trail to walk, you can spend a good hour a fifteen-minute walking around viewing or participating in recreational activities by the River Thames.

The area is still used for cattle and horses which would exciting to capture images of, whilst also walking through the wildflowers in the meadow.