Construction work has commenced on an Oxford shop where previous owners said their business closed due to the impact of LTNs.

The Honest Stationery store on 151 Cowley Road had announced its closure in the summer when Nay Aung shut his business after more than six years of running the shop with his sister.

LTNs were first introduced in Church Cowley, Temple Cowley and Florence Parks in February 2021, and were later installed in Divinity Road, St Clement’s and St Mary’s in east Oxford.

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A statement still on the store window dated August 4 said: "Unfortunately, there have been changes which have affected trade over the last year or so.

"Online shopping and the cost of living crisis have had an effect, but when the council put in low traffic neighbourhood road blocks last May this tipped us over the edge as it meant that some of our customers had to stop coming to our shop."

Internal and external decoration has now been removed but it is not yet clear what will replace the Honest Stationery store and whether its new owners will be as reportedly affected by changes to transport.

No planning applications are listed on the city council website and a construction worker said he did not know what would replace the store.

The county council introduced LTNs as part of the central Oxfordshire travel plan and it is designed to work together with other measures to reduce congestion and improve air quality.