Newly formed parties are urging the Oxford City Council leader to call for an "immediate ceasefire in Gaza".

Requests have been made by both the Oxford Socialist Independents Group and Independent Group in addition to a motion from the Labour Group which wants "peace in Israel and Palestine".

Proposals are set to be discussed in a council meeting tonight and they come amidst the resignation of 10 Oxford City Labour councillors over the last couple of months due to the Party's stance on recent conflict in Gaza.

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The Independent Group motion, proposed by councillor Shaista Aziz and seconded by councillor Amar Latif, states: "Save the Children say more children have been killed in Gaza than the entire number killed in global conflicts since 2019.

"Oxford based surgeon Nick Maynard leads a teaching initiative in Gaza and says medics are “trying to treat patients despite knowing they may die as a result of hospitals being bombed and surrounded by Israeli soldiers.”

The council leader is asked to write to MP Layla Moran to express the council's solidarity with her family in Gaza as well as write to Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer and Annelise Dodds, demanding they call for "an immediate ceasefire". 

There are also calls for the council to "write to the foreign secretary to raise concerns about Israeli army and settler violence and intimidation of Palestinians in Ramallah, twinned with Oxford".

Oxford Mail: Councillor Susan Brown.Councillor Susan Brown. (Image: N/A)

An Oxford Socialist Independents Group motion similarly urges the council leader to call for an immediate ceasefire and "open humanitarian corridors into Gaza".

Meanwhile, a Labour Group motion, proposed and seconded by councillors Susan Brown and Ed Turner respectively, states: "The terrible loss of life in Israel and Gaza has shocked and appalled us all.

"We need peace.

"This council recognises that all Oxford’s diverse faith and ethnic communities are continuing to work together to challenge hatred, racism, Anti Semitism and Islamophobia whenever it occurs and thanks them for continuing to promote cohesion and peace."

It adds that the council "recognises Israel’s right to take targeted action under international law to defend itself and rescue hostages" but advocates writing to the prime minister and foreign secretary "to work towards an immediate cessation of hostilities, a release of hostages and a long-term peaceful two-state solution for all communities."

Oxford City Council saw a disproportionate number of Labour Party resignations, with councillors Latif and Aziz being the first to go following comments made by Keir Starmer in an LBC interview.

Yet polls still predict a landslide election victory for Labour nationally in spite of the apparent party split.