A grand fireworks display which took place at a council-run park has given a dog depression, its owner has claimed. 

Bonzo, a Cavalier Spaniel, is no longer able to "play ball" at his local park because of how muddy it is.

The November 4 event at South Park in east Oxford hosted more than 20,000 people and raised thousands for charity but left the turf churned up by vehicles accessing the site.

Oxford Mail: Damage to South ParkDamage to South Park (Image: Photo: Daniel Emlyn-Jones)

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Owner Roz Thomas said: "There are other dogs that are suffering as well—a gang of depressed dogs.

"I can take take him to the park on a leash but he is not allowed off the leash because he'll run into the mud.

"It's his joy chasing after the ball."

Ms Thomas added that she now had to drive to University Parks to play ball with her dog which is "not want the council want you to do" given efforts to reduce pollution in the city.

When asked how she knew Bonzo was depressed, Ms Thomas said he had been "lying down a lot which he doesn't usually do" and was "nastier with the cats—persecuting and barking at them".

Oxford Mail: Bonzo is 'depressed'.Bonzo is 'depressed'. (Image: Roz Thomas)

Dog friends Fred, a Jack Russell mix, and Lola, a Bulldog, were apparently also fed up and upset at the situation.

Oxford City Council has owned South Park since it was donated by the Oxford Preservation Trust in 1959 for public use.

The council said in a statement: "The period of prolonged heavy rainfall in the week leading up to the event left the ground saturated, resulting in areas of the park becoming rutted and churned by the event set up and heavy footfall during the event itself.

Oxford Mail: Oxford Round Table fireworksOxford Round Table fireworks (Image: Photo: Oxford Round Table)

"Following concerns raised, discussions are taking place with key stakeholders to investigate what steps can be taken to reduce the impacts on the park in future years.

"However, the effect of climate change has significantly delayed the onset of the frosts and led to more regular wetter autumns."

The fireworks event is run entirely by volunteers from the Round Table which donates all profits to charity.

Oxford Mail: Damage to South ParkDamage to South Park (Image: Photo: Sue Harmer)

Ms Thomas relayed that she had got her dog following a breast cancer diagnosis, who had "cured me more than any other treatment did".

She added that she had been feeding Bonzo extra things and even getting him steak but that this had not improved his condition.

"They don’t hand out anti-depressants to dogs," Ms Thomas said.

Oxford Mail: Bonzo is 'depressed'.Bonzo is 'depressed'. (Image: Roz Thomas)

"A lot of people I know have been upset.

"He’s an ever so adorable dog and he’s just got this cute face.

"I don’t want to be a moaner."