Bounty bars may often be seen as the 'worst' chocolate in the Celebrations tub, but even its most ardent haters would probably like to get their hands on a solid gold one.

Celebrations are launching a competition ahead of Christmas where people will get the chance to win a solid gold Bounty bar valued at a staggering £25,000.

The 9-carat gold bar weighing over 1kg is one-of-a-kind, with the potential for its value to increase over time as the cost of gold increases.

Here's how you could potentially win the solid gold replica of a Bounty bar.

Oxford Mail: The gold Bounty bar is valued at £25,000The gold Bounty bar is valued at £25,000 (Image: Mars Wrigley UK)

How to win the solid gold Bounty bar

The way people could get their hands on the solid gold Bounty bar is through finding a Bounty blue ticket inside a tub of Celebrations being sold at Tesco.

One lucky person will get that prize but there are other tickets hidden in the tubs for other rewards, including up to £10,000.

Every ticket-finder is a winner with 500,000 opportunities to win.

Last year Celebrations trialled 'No Bounty' tubs of Celebrations, and then went in the complete opposite direction to offer 'Bounty-only' boxes available in selected Tesco stores until Christmas.

To celebrate the launch of the Golden Bounty competition, Mars enlisted Bargain Hunt's Danny Sebastian to #BringHomeTheBounty as he stars in a spoof daytime antiques film with Mr. Bounty himself. 

Oxford Mail: Bargain Hunt's Danny Sebastian is helping promote the competitionBargain Hunt's Danny Sebastian is helping promote the competition (Image: Mars Wrigley UK)

Danny said:  “As a Bounty lover myself it’s been hard to see the treatment the poor coconut choc has received over the years so I’m glad we’re pushing for #BringHomeTheBounty this time round."  

Kerry Cavanaugh, Mars Wrigley’s UK, Business Unit Director, said:  “Every year, we love seeing the debate rage over our beloved Celebrations tubs.

"This year, our much-loved Bounty bar has gone Gold!  The Bounty bar is worth £25,000, which surely is enough to make even the most dedicated Bounty-haters reconsider their stance.

"We’re excited to hear the public’s verdict – would you treasure, or would you trade? Bring Home The Bounty!”