A fan of the cleaning guru Mrs Hinch shared that they are 'freaking out' after discovering insects in their 'very clean' house. 

An anonymous user appealed to members of the community Facebook group 'Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips' after they discovered two unidentified insects on their walls. 

Writing their message, the member posted: "What do people think this is please? 2 tiny ones found on the walls in my very clean house..Freaking out."

Users quickly identified the little insect snapped in the photo as a carpet beetle before sharing some solutions for how you can get rid of them.

How do I get rid of carpet beetles in my house?

Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips members shared their favourite solutions in the comments.

One person recommended: "Carpet beetle..Make sure u brush carpets to aggrevate the fibres and vacuum daily/twice daily..

"You can get special bug killer for them..but a quick twice daily routine can sort problem as long eggs are removed."

A top contributor chimed in: "Carpet beetle we had them I freaked out used Flea spray around all carpet edges left for a few days then used the nozzle to hoover them out."

Another user posted: "It’s a carpet beetle . I had them and they were bought in by birds getting into my loft.

"Had to get a strong pest spray and spray everywhere. Towels in airing cupboard, soft toys, carpets etc. they are quite easy to get rid of though.

"Contact the council and they can tell you name of pesticide to buy. Good luck."

When it comes to getting rid of them - Perfect Carpet Cleaning has shared its expert advice.

Removing carpet beetles "is all based around cleaning," according to the experts.

They recommend vacuuming areas where you suspect that there's been an infestation.

You should use a hot water cycle to wash infested clothes or bedding.

"This will detach the eggs preventing them from hatching. If the damage to these items requires them to be disposed of, you’ll need to seal them in plastic bags before putting in the waste" the cleaning experts said.

They also recommend wiping down kitchen surfaces, shelves, window stills and cupboards with vinegar since this can remove food residues. 

Additionally, they add that boric acid powder can be poured into cracks and crevices outside to deter the beetles from coming inside in the first place.

Why have I got carpet beetles in my house?

Carpet battles are often blown in through vents or open windows since they feed on dust and debris, according to Perfect Carpet Cleaning.

The experts added: "They're attracted to food remnants, and dirty, stained clothing.

"They also enjoy animal-based products such as wool, feathers, and leather".

They can also get into homes by being bought in on flowers or houseplants.

Who is Mrs Hinch?

Mrs Hinch - otherwise known as Sophie Hinchcliffe - is well-known and beloved for sharing cleaning tips and tricks.

The popular influencer created her Instagram account, mrshinchhome, in March 2018

Since then, she has accumulated 4.7 million followers on the platform (at the time of writing) and has written several cleaning books which have been included on the Sunday Times Bestseller List.

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In fact, her memoir which was released in October 2020, This Is Me, became a number 1 bestseller.

Her work as an influencer has even inspired an entire community Facebook group where people share tips and tricks for cleaning and decluttering their homes.

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