A new shop selling food and drink from Naples is opening at Oxford's Covered Market.

Named after the traditional Neapolitan amulet worn to bring good luck, Il Corno is a new family-owned and Neapolitan-themed food and drinks business that will open tomorrow at 11am in one of the central units.

Fanny Clemente got the idea of opening a shop after studying in the city and she will run Il Corno with her mum and dad Franco and Barbara.

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Fanny and her parents were at the new shop tonight serving food and wine to guests to launch the new shop.

"We are all really looking forward to welcoming our first customers," said Ms Clemente.

Oxford Mail: The launch partyBorn and raised in Naples, Fanny has lived in Oxford for the last four years to study for a DPhil in Italian literature and culture at Oxford University, gaining experience in the made-in-Italy food and beverages business during her studies.

She said earlier: "As a researcher in Italian literature and culture, with an interest in Neapolitan culture, I have always been driven by the desire to investigate and share with others the history of my distinctive home culture.

"I realised that sharing my research among the academic community was not enough and that I wanted to reach a bigger audience, so I decided to make a bigger fuss about it. 

Oxford Mail: The launch party"That’s where Il Corno comes from, a dream that coincides with a mission. This is to bring local Neapolitan culture all the way from the bay of Naples to the heart of Oxford, starting from its unique food and beverages culture."

Il Corno is situated in a busy central part of the Covered Market, between The Market Tap pub run by Tap Social, and Gulp Fiction bookstore.

Customers will be able to enjoy two of the most characteristic street foods from Neapolitan popular cuisine.

These are panuozzi, a sandwich made with pizza dough with different fillings, and taralli, a salty snack food which comes in different flavours and is made from animal fat or olive oil.

Wines, liqueurs, and other drinks from the Campania region and the South of Italy  will also be on sale.

Oxford Mail: Il Corno at the Covered MarketAnd those with a sweet tooth will be able to enjoy the famous Neapolitan treat Rum Baba, and coffee from Naples.

The design of the unit is inspired by Neapolitan craftsmanship showcased in the narrow Naples street of San Gregorio Armeno.

Oxford Mail: The Clemente familyThere will be handcrafted products on display representing symbols of the city’s tradition of superstition, including the corno.

Guests at the launch party were each given a miniature corno to bring them luck.

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