A four-year-old dog found tied to a gate in a field covered in bruises and wounds is now loving life in a new home.

The black lurcher was taken to Blue Cross’s animal hospital in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, for treatment before he was transferred to the charity’s rehoming centre in Burford,  where the team named him Frank.

Vets found he had a catalogue of injuries including a swollen head with several large wounds.

Oxford Mail: Wounded dog Frank at Blue Cross in Burford

He had several puncture wounds and bruises all over his body, along with several older wounds on his legs and tears in his mouth. He was also found to be blind in his right eye because of chronic trauma. 

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Charlotte Hailstones, staff nurse at Blue Cross animal hospital in Grimsby, said: “From my understanding he was found semi-collapsed in a field in this condition.

“When he arrived in our care, he was extremely subdued and nervous when approached, due to the pain and discomfort he was in.

“He was quiet in kennels and liked to gather his bedding into a pillow to sleep on, but with love and care from our teams he soon started to come out of his shell and actively seek attention.

“He’s such a very sweet, affectionate dog, who enjoys lying on his bed playing with his toys."

Oxford Mail: Wounded dog Frank at Blue Cross in Burford

She added: “It’s difficult to say how he got his injuries, he may have been beaten in his former home but these breeds are often used for illegal organised dog fights or badger baiting so the wounds could possibly have come from this type of activity, sadly we’ll never know.

“All we know is that we wanted to find him a special someone who would give him the loving home he deserved.”

He was transferred to Burford where his lovely nature meant the team were quickly able to find him a new home.

Anouska Ashmead-Bartlett, animal welfare assistant at Blue Cross in Burford, said: “He loves to say hello to everyone and every dog he meets.  

"Frank is an incredibly loving dog and despite everything he has been though he takes no time at all to make friends with people.

"Every morning we were greeted with a wagging tail and a bouncy dog happy to see us. 

“One of his favourite things to do at the centre was to go on a nice walk, play with his toys and curl up on his bed, of course getting lots of attention from us along the way.

"It was amazing to see Frank come out of his shell and become the playful gentle giant he is.”

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New owner Emma said: “I am so glad Frank has managed to come so far. He has been a fantastic addition to my home.

Oxford Mail: Wounded dog Frank at Blue Cross in Burford

"Frank loves his new 15-year-old Staffie sister, who he shares his toys with and likes to sit with at every opportunity.

“He enjoys running with some greyhound pals and acts as if he has lived in my home for his whole life.

"He loves a snuggle on the sofa and is such a quick learner, already starting to master recall and commands such as lie down.

"Given he has had such a rubbish start in life, the love he gives is second to none."