Andrew Moss has raised his concerns that a main route through Kidlington could be closed on match days once Oxford United start playing at their new stadium.

Councillor Dan Levy is so right to insist that the road past the proposed football stadium in Kidlington must remain open to all traffic (Oxford Mail, November 9).

I am astounded by the arrogance of Oxford United to suggest it should be closed.

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I have tried to approach the idea of the stadium being built in the village with an open mind but everything I have heard and seen since the news first broke has convinced me that the club intends to ride roughshod over the community it claims to wish to embrace.

Oxford Mail: County councillor Dan LevyFirst of all their representative comes to a parish meeting and proclaims “there is no plan B” and they must have their way or the club will close – and by implication it will all be our fault and nothing to do with the management of the club that has provoked this crisis.

Then they publish a travel plan proposing not only the closure of the road, but also parking restrictions over a two kilometre radius.

Oxford Mail: An aerial view of The TriangleLeaving aside the inconvenience to residents who presumably would need permits to park, these things are expensive to install and require constant maintenance and enforcement. Who is going to pay for that?

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Councillor Levy is right: if there is to be a stadium, the club needs to come up with a plan that works for everyone.

At present all we see is a club ploughing ahead with expensive architects as if the whole thing was a done deal, and it is going to get its way anyway.

It’s time for local authorities to refuse to be bullied and stand up for the community they serve.

Andrew Moss 


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