The Labour Party has lost its 10th Oxford city councillor over its stance on the conflict in Gaza.

Ajaz Rehman said his former party had “a moral duty” to call for a ceasefire and that it was “beyond his comprehension” that it had not done so.

He has resigned from the council's Labour Group and will represent his Lye Valley ward as an Independent.

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The Labour group has been rocked by resignations since the start of the Middle East conflict and has lost control of its majority on the council.

Council leader Susan Brown, who is also leader of the Labour group, said she was “very sad” about Mr Rehman’s departure.

The national Labour leadership has called for humanitarian pauses in the fighting rather than an immediate ceasefire.

But Mr Rehman said the party's stance was “alarming”.

He said it left his position as a Labour councillor “untenable”.

He said: “As a Muslim, a father, a son, a brother and a human being, I have struggled immensely within myself to reach this decision as I was hoping and expecting Labour's collective conscious to be stirred by the devastation and horror in Gaza.

“I had hoped my party would listen to the brave Israeli people who have lost loved ones to terror yet call for a ceasefire and an end to this cycle of death.

“Over the past horrifying month, I have spoken with many people in the Labour Party including those holding senior leadership positions.

“I have sadly been left to conclude that the Labour Party leadership does not view all life equally.

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“It does not value the lives of Palestinian people, or Palestinian children by not calling for a ceasefire.

“My position now as a Labour Councillor is untenable. I cannot serve as a member of a Party that does not hold the same values as I do.

“A Party upholding international law and calling for an end to the killing and suffering in Gaza.”

Mr Rehman was previously cabinet member for safer communities.

Ms Brown said: “He has been a valued member of our party, group and cabinet.

“We hope to continue working with him on delivering for the people of Oxford.”

Two resigned Labour councillors, Shaista Aziz and Dr Amar Latif, who were the first to leave the party, have formed the Independent Group.

Six others have formed the Oxford Socialist Independents, while another, Barbara Coyne, is ungrouped.

Labour leader Keir Starmer faced a showdown with his MPs last night as dozens were set to back a Commons motion from the SNP calling for an immediate ceasefire.