Not everyone is fond of pigeons flapping around in the city centre. 

But one woman has got the birds in the palm of her hand as they flock to greet her. 

It has attracted the attention of Oxford folk including a local ecologist, author and hedgehog enthusiast who taken to social media to share his joy at seeing a stranger caring for pigeons.

Hugh Warwick was at Martyrs Memorial on Monday lunchtime and was overjoyed to see that a woman named Harper, whose surname has not been revealed, had brought food for the birds on her lunchbreak.

After striking up a conversation with her, she informed him that she often feeds the birds.

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Mr Warwick said: “This time it was sunflower seeds but the birds know her already and fly down to say hi before food is on offer.

Oxford Mail: Hugh Warwick caught a fellow nature lover feeding birds in the city centre on Monday afternoon"She has built up a personal relationship. Some birds are even named and their characters clear.”

Taking to social media to share images of the moment, Mr Warwick posted on X: “Really lovely to meet a fellow eccentric in central Oxford today.

Oxford Mail: Hugh Warwick getting caught up in the moment"Thank you Harper for making the world feel a little less dull (or downright scary).”