Abbey Woods Academy in Berinsfield, part of Anthem Schools Trust, has marked its fifth year of partnership with educational and mental health charity One-Eighty. 

Each year the partnership between the school and the charity has delivered a range of interventions, projects, and activities, with a focus on wellbeing and developing strategies to support mental health and wellbeing.

One-Eighty's most recent Make Me Smile workshop was for Year 6 students at the school. 

Here, children learned how to talk about their worries and how to stay mentally healthy. Through group and whole class work, they discussed strategies for understanding and sharing their feelings and how to support themselves, peers or family members.

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The class are then left with the tools to share, on a peer-to-peer level, what they have learned during the session, with a younger Year 3 class group. 

One-Eighty, an Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire based charity, works with children and young people to bridge the gap between mental health and education.

It works with vulnerable young people – including those with mental health conditions, experience of trauma, bereavement, or domestic violence – and their families to live happier lives.

Sophie Charter, Headteacher at Abbey Woods Academy said: “I am so pleased that we are continuing to work closely with One-Eighty. 

"They are an amazing charity who show children how to improve their mental health in really practical ways that they can share with others.”