A windows company which used to have offices in Bicester has helped enhance a community woodland.

The Burnehyll Community woodland, which spans over 100 acres stretching from Bicester Park and Ride along most of the length of Vendee Drive, has benefitted from new wooden deer fences.

Danish company Rationel Windows was successful in its application for a £2,500 grant from its umbrella company to install the wooden gates.

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A spokesperson for Rationel Windows said: “There were several delays, but detailed plans for the woodlands were developed and a perimeter hedge was planted round the site of the orchard.

Cherwell District Council arranged for the installation of the three sets of wooden gates including a kissing gate designed to take wheelchairs.

“Rationel windows are wooden, so it’s very appropriate that we have installed wooden gates.”

The woodland is owned by the council, but a ‘friends’ organisation has enhanced the woodland by planting 3,000 trees, with plans to plant 10,000 more in the coming years.

A spokesperson for the Friends of Burnehyll Community Woodland said the group is very grateful to Rationel for the support.

A dozen locally grown apple trees, varieties including names such as Beauty of Fringford, Otmoor Reserve, Wolvercote Pippin and Greasy Jack, have also been planted.

The trees were donated by Bicester U3A, Bicester Round Table, Bicester 41 Club and Chesterton Parish Council.


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