An Oxford mum is urging other women to have "vital medical checks" after sharing the frightening moment she suffered a heart attack.

Founder of the Indian Block Print Co., Maggie Sheehan, who was 58 at the time, had been travelling to Heathrow Airport on the M25 in 2014 when she was overcome with a tight feeling in her chest and suddenly passed out.

Daughter Tess Hucker, who helps run Ms Sheehan's company, had to pull onto the hard shoulder and call 999 as she was driving at the time.

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Ms Sheehan, 67, said: "I couldn't move my upper arms and the pain was so bad, it went all across my chest.

"I came to the frightening realisation that I am either having a heart attack or a stroke.”

Daughter Ms Hucker, 29, relayed how she had felt completely helpless in the moment: "My mum was so frightened.

"She was in a lot of pain.

"It makes me emotional to relive it because Mum started saying goodbye to me.

"It was horrible.”

Ms Sheehan regained consciousness shortly after her daughter made the emergency call and paramedics quickly identified that she was having a heart attack and took her to the Harefield Hospital near Uxbridge.

She added: "I remember being in a lot of pain, but it happened so quickly.

"When we got to the hospital, they quickly identified that I had a blockage in my heart, and they were going to put a stent in.”

Oxford Mail: Tess, Annabel and Maggie have heart tattoos Tess, Annabel and Maggie have heart tattoos (Image: Contributed)Ms Sheehan made a full recovery after surgery and was given advice on how to improve her lifestyle.

She continued: “My heart attack came out of nowhere with no warning so it would have been a silent killer for me.

"I've always thought if I'd been on my own that day, that would have been the end of it.”

“I was told my blood pressure, and my cholesterol were very high.

"I hadn't prioritised my health before I had the heart attack.

"There was nothing wrong with my health.

"I felt I was healthy and normal."

Coronary heart disease kills more than 23,000 women in the UK every year, twice as many as breast cancer.

Director of Income Generation at Heart Research UK, Fran Shilton, said: "Blood pressure and cholesterol checks are very simple and quick, and they could be lifesaving if you have undiagnosed heart issues."

The Indian Block Print Co. has partnered with the national heart charity, Heart Research UK, to raise money and awareness by creating a limited-edition heart tea towel block printing craft kit.

For every sale, £10 will be donated to Heart Research UK.

Ms Sheehan concluded: "My message to all women is to go get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked as soon as possible.

"It came out of nowhere, so please don’t let denial get in the way of your health."