Developers behind plans for a controversial eco-town near Bicester have been challenged to show their faces at a series of roadshows around the county.

A total of 651 people have turned up to look at the plans for the 15,000 home Weston Otmoor eco-town at 10 roadshows so far.

However, residents have complained that Parkridge representatives have not been at most of them to answer questions.

People who attended the Middleton Stoney consultation last Tuesday said they were upset that they were greeted by representatives from a local PR firm who were unable to answer their concerns about the plans.

Rachel Brewin, 26, a self-employed marketing consultant who lives in Bicester Road, Middleton Stoney, said: "I asked to speak to the Parkridge person at our roadshow but was told no-one was there.

"I think it's scandalous that the 'consultation' doesn't actually involve anyone from Parkridge - it makes me feel like it's just a big PR exercise and doesn't actually mean anything.

"Everybody agrees that houses need to be built in England, but I don't agree with the plans and I want to discuss it with someone in charge. I feel I've been denied access to the people who can really answer our questions."

Parkridge director Roger Sporle attended the first roadshow in Weston-on-the Green on June 29 and a transport consultant fielded questions in Wendlebury a day later, but neither has turned up since.

Those attending the roadshows are greeted by green-shirted representatives of Mistral PR, who say they are gathering views independently of the developers.

Miss Brewin said: "It smells of chicken to me that Parkridge haven't got the guts to come forward and meet us. I find it so patronising. Just because the PR people are dressed in green and all the plans are on green boards doesn't make the plans environmentally friendly."

Ambrodsden and Chest- erton councillor Andrew Fulljames, who also attended the Middleton Stoney roadshow last Wednesday, said: "It was a shame no-one from Parkridge was there to speak to us directly but I'm not surprised. I don't think the consultation is anymore than a box-ticking exercise."

Mistral spokesman Lisa Hide said: "Representatives from Parkridge will not be attending any more of the roadshows. They were only ever meant to attend the first two roadshows because Weston-on-the-Green and Wendlebury are the two closest villages to the proposed development.

"It's not the case at all that they've been scared off. We are gathering people's views on the plans independently. Questions asked at the roadshows will be put to Parkridge by us. We want to encourage as many people as possible to come along because we want people's views good or bad."

No-one from Parkridge was available to comment.