A son who drunkenly pointed an air pistol at his own father during a violent confrontation with another man in the family home, was yesterday spared a jail sentence.

Patrick Boreham appeared before a judge where he was accused of possessing a firearm with intent to cause another man fear of violence.

The 32-year-old admitted the charge and was given a 15-month jail sentence, suspended for two years.

Boreham also admitted charges of common assault and causing criminal damage to property.

Prosecutor Gavin Pottinger described to a judge how on April 2 this year, at Boreham's home in Southend, South Oxfordshire, his father had walked downstairs to find his son kneeling over his friend, looking as if he was about to hit him.

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Violence quickly erupted as Mr Boreham senior tried to break up the pair.

Mr Pottinger went on to describe how the son had gone on to bite his father on the arm for at least 10 seconds.

During the drunken rage, the defendant left the room but returned shortly after, carrying an air pistol.

The judge, sitting at Oxford Crown Court heard that “out of control” Boreham then pointed the air pistol at his father, before throwing the firearm out through the conservatory window.

The court heard that police were called and Boreham was arrested.

He had been remanded in custody until yesterday (November 9).

Defence counsel Kuljeet Dobe, representing Boreham, said that his client felt an immense sense of guilt regarding the events.

He said: “Mr Boreham accepts that his parents would have been frightened... he accepts it was a very stupid, very foolish thing to do."

Mr Dobe also remarked that Boreham’s time in prison had resulted in a “deterrent effect.”

“Mr Boreham remains extremely ashamed and embarrassed by his behaviour," he said.

Counsel said that the relationship between Boreham and his parents had been restored, with the father visiting every month during his custody period on remand.

Mr Dobe said that his client had plans to return to the sailing club where he was a member.

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He added that Boreham was not using his alcohol and mental health problems as an excuse for his behaviour.

Judge Michael Gledhill spoke of his revulsion regarding the case, telling Boreham: “You should be completely ashamed of what you did.

"You clearly have an alcohol problem."

Boreham was ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and was instructed to undergo six months of mental health treatment.

Due to time spent in custody, Judge Gledhill  spared the 32-year-old further imprisonment, stating: "I am going to give you back your liberty."