World-famous violinist Nigel Kennedy is performing in Oxford.

Following a four-night residency at Ronnie Scott's in London, the virtuoso will be performing at the Olivier Hall at St Edward’s School tomorrow night.

He has performed in the city at a number of different venues over the years including at The Wheatsheaf pub in 2014.

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At the school he will perform Bach concertos with Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra.

The violinist who supports Aston Villa said: "“These gigs are obviously different in genre to the Ronnie Scott’s ones but the emotional intelligence – the musical DNA - is the same.

Oxford Mail: NIgel Kennedy"There is an incomparable amount of spiritual enjoyment to be gained from Bach’s music and I would urge people who may not have checked Bach out to give these shows a try."

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He added: "Ladies, gentlemen, Villa fans and other types of people, (I've been using this phrase for the last 30 years and hope it is still found to be acceptable in these more sensitive times), since we first met, the relationship between the Oxford Philharmonic and myself has been, in any given moment, deep, spontaneous and serious without that common old red herring solemnity.

"Serious Not Solemn has long been my chosen musical path.

Oxford Mail: NIgel Kennedy"My Oxford Phil colleagues obviously share this value. In particular, these unsurpassable musicians' openness and skill when interpreting my own compositions has produced sublime results.

"In the near future we will return to my stuff but more imminently it's Bach Now! I can't wait to share his music with you. See you soon."

The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1998 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and remains one of the leading orchestras in the UK.

Its reputation is based on the uncompromising artistic standards of its founder and music director, Marios Papadopoulos, and maintained by some of the finest musicians in the UK and Europe.

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