An Oxford man has been convicted of dangerous driving as he evaded police after making off from a petrol station without payment.

John Joyce, aged 26, of Old Abingdon Road, Oxford, pleaded guilty to one count each of dangerous driving and making off without payment at Oxford Crown Court yesterday (November 7).

At around 6pm on September 9, Joyce filled up his white Ford Transit van with £100 of diesel at the Shell petrol station in London Road, Bicester, and drove off without paying.

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Later that month September 26 at around 2.25pm, officers tried to stop the same van, being driven by Joyce, on the A34 near Oxford but he refused to stop, Thames Valley Police said. 

Joyce drove above the speed limit and weaved in and out of traffic to try to evade police, as well as forcing other vehicles out of his way, before eventually driving into a lorry near Botley and running away.

He was arrested for both offences on October 5 and charged the following day.   

He has been remanded in custody and is due to be sentenced at the same court on December 11.

Investigating officer PC Ryan Dollery, of the Rural Crime Taskforce, said: “I am pleased John Joyce pleaded guilty to these offences when presented with the overwhelming evidence that he was the driver of the vehicle during both of these incidents.

“Despite fleeing the scene when he hit the lorry, we have worked hard to collect key evidence to prove he was the driver.

“I hope this case shows those who drive dangerously put the public at risk and can expect us to bring you before the courts, as can those who refuse to pay for their fuel.”