Ambitions to remove the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) in Oxford have failed after Labour councillors refused to back the original idea.

Conservative councillor Liam Walker proposed a motion to remove the LTNs in East Oxford and Cowley at an Oxfordshire County Council meeting today (Tuesday, October 7).

But before councillors could vote on it, Labour councillors put forward an amendment which substantially changed the nature of the motion.

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Instead of saying that the council “no longer has support for” the LTNs, they asked to change the motion so it read that the council “notes the opposition” to the LTNs.

The amended motion effectively asks the council to look at removing the congestion around the LTNs, rather than getting rid of the actual scheme itself.

This amendment was voted through, with Labour, Lib Dem, and Green councillors among those in favour and Tory councillors against it.

The amended motion, now largely unrecognisable from the one proposed by Mr Walker, was then voted through.