A woman who was pickpocketed on an Oxford walking tour says the police should do more to protect tourists.

Selvi Hopwood was sightseeing with her husband and son, when her wallet was stolen near the Bodleian Library.

She said the theft, which took place on Tuesday, October 31 at around 2.45pm, made her feel "shaky and sick" and the whole incident has "put her off" the city.

She is also appealing for any information that could lead to the recovery of her precious necklace.

Oxford Mail: Selvi Hopwood was pickpocketed on an Oxford walking tour

Mrs Hopwood said: "We were travelling to Oxford from Teesside. I used to live in Abingdon and I wanted to show my son Oxford.

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"We started in Ship Street and there were about 20 of us on the tour. We went to the Weston Library and then the Bodleian.

"Before we entered, we stood outside while the guide explained everything then we went to the Bridge of Sighs and stayed there maybe for two minutes and then we went into the square at the Bodleian.

"When we started walking I looked down and saw my wallet on the footpath near the gate. I said to my husband, 'what on earth is my wallet doing there?'. It was in front of me on the floor.

"Then I said 'oh my god' and when I opened it, it was all gone. It was empty just by the gate."

The wallet contained a large amount of foreign currency, credit and debit cards but also an 18 carat gold chain with an emerald cross.

"That was the most valuable thing," she said.

"I put it there because it is heavy on my neck and we had to spend many days walking around."

Mrs Hopwood immediately made a report at the police station.

She said: "The police said based on the CCTV it’s very difficult to charge anyone if they don't see anything.

Oxford Mail: The Bodleian Library

"Actually when I think back a man did join the group at the front of the Bodleian and I had never seen this guy on the tour. He stood next to me but I didn’t feel a thing.

"But these pickpockets are clearly targeting tourists. I feel a bit sick about it. I want to warn other tourists to be vigilant.

"I think there is more the police could do than look at the CCTV.

"The police told me that a gang were operating in the city centre. I think they should be more visible around the city especially when there is such a large congregation of tourists."

She added: "It was partly my fault. I have to take my responsibility but it’s not London. It's a pretty safe place.

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"I love Oxford. It's lovely. I wanted to stay down here but my husband is a northerner and wanted to move back.

"But now my views are different – they have changed. The whole incident has spoiled my love of this city."

Thames Valley Police said they received reports of a theft which occurred between 2.45pm and 3.30pm on 31 October.

The incident occurred in Broad Street, Oxford, when jewellery and cash stolen from a person’s bag while she was walking in Broad Street.

The investigation has been filed pending further information coming to light, but anybody who believes that they may have witnessed the incident can call 101, quoting reference 43230489792.