JUAN CLARKE, 32, of Luther Street, Oxford, pleaded guilty to theft. On July 25 of this year at the Church of St Michael on Cornmarket Street in Oxford, he stole a charity box and stand of unknown value. Clarke was fined £100.

OLIVER CREED, 29, of Maple Heath, Abingdon, failed to provide specimen for analysis. He was fined £1,000, disqualified for 36 months, and must complete a course by December 12 2025.

GUILHERME DASILVA, 20, of Briars Close, Swindon, pleaded guilty to drug driving. Dasilva drove a Yamaha motor vehicle on Oxford Road when the proportion of a controlled drug, namely Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, was found in his bloody, namely 2.2ug/L, exceeding the specified limit. He was banned from driving for 12 months and fined £107.

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TERRI SANDERS, 35, of Stable Road, Bicester, pleaded guilty to failing to surrender to police at the appointed time, without reasonable cause on October 19. Sanders was fined £50.

ANTONIO MARRAFFA, 28, of Jane Seaman Court in Oxford pleaded guilty to theft of an e-scooter of the value of £452.77 from Cowley Road in Oxford. He was imprisoned for 16 weeks for breaching a criminal behaviour order and ordered to pay £100.

RACHEL GARNER, 31, of Gregory Place, Witney, pleaded guilty to drug driving and was fined £120 and disqualified from driving for 12 months. On December 4 2023 in Oxford she drove a Peugeot on a road when the proportion of a drug in her system was found to be exceeding the legal limit.

MITCHELL DIXON, 26, of Tower Close, Abingdon, pleaded guilty to drunk and disorderly behaviour in a public place. Dixon was fined £40.

CHRISTOPHER JONES, 32, of Barn Ground, Abingdon, failed to provide a specimen for analysis and was disqualified from driving for 12 months and fined £300. He must complete a course by May 15 2024.

SHAUN MERRITT, 35, of Marina Way, Buckinghamshire, pleaded guilty to drug driving. On April 16 of this year in Oxford he drove a silver BMW on Rofford Lane in Oxfordshire when a proportion of a controlled drug in his bloodstream was found to have exceeded the limit. He was disqualified for 12 months and fined £500.

HUGH WHITE, 62, of no fixed abode, inflicted criminal damage to property valued under £5,000 on September 17 of this year. Without lawful excuse, he damaged two cars to a value unknown belonging to June White intending to destroy or damage such property by being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged. White received a community order and told to undertake rehabilitation activity for a period of 12 months or to participate in any activity as required by the responsible officer up to a maximum of 15 days. He also pursued a course of conduct which amounted to the harassment of June White as he made over 20 unsolicited calls and voicemails. He was subsequently ordered not to attend the residence of Ms June White and to leave the address when requested by Ms White until October 17 2025.