A man who said he found plastic at the bottom of a Tesco coleslaw packet has been left feeling 'disgusted' and 'disappointed'.

The Oxford local, Sahil Khanna, 37, who works on Cornmarket Street, visited the Tesco superstore at around 4.30pm on Sunday, October 29 where he first lay hands on the dodgy packet.

Mr Khanna recalled consuming most of the coleslaw before he reported having chewed down on a hard object.

"I tried to bite it in case it was a cashew but then was like 'what the f*** is this?'

"It was very hard plastic so I soon realised it was not something that I could eat."

He added that he felt very disgusted having regularly bought items from the Tesco Cornmarket store over the past two years.

"It could break my lungs because it's very hard plastic," Mr Khanna said. 

"Who will be responsible?"

Mr Khanna said that he went back to the store to request a refund but was instructed to instead contact the customer services team online.

Oxford Mail: 'Who will be responsible?''Who will be responsible?' (Image: Sahil Khanna)

He concluded: "The presence of such foreign objects in a food item is deeply troubling, as it poses a significant health risk.

"Accidentally ingesting hard plastic materials can potentially lead to choking hazards or even other injuries.

"As a consumer, I trust in Tesco's commitment to providing safe and reliable products, and discovering such contamination within the coleslaw has left me extremely concerned."

Tesco was contacted for comment.