Flooding on the A417 near East Challow caused by Storm Ciaran has led to the closure of a pet care business. 

Vale Hydrotherapy, a pet services business off the A417 on the W&G Estate, has had to close today (Thursday, November 2) due to the severity of the flooding. 

Owner Emma Barnard arrived at 8.30am and discovered the entrance to her business almost impassable. 

Emma said: “The water level was rising rapidly – I saw two cars literally just abandoned in the flood. The fire service was on the main road preventing people from travelling towards Faringdon and entering the estate.”

Other people working at the W&G Estate were encouraged to go home immediately. The estate is home to other businesses such as Progressive Physiotherapy and Thames Ceilings.

Flooding at the same location two weeks ago also saw Emma forced to close her business. Closing two times in a month has had a “significant impact" on her business. 

Emma said: “People have to come to me at the estate so I can earn a living as I run operations via a face-to-face appointment system. I’m in the process of trying to rearrange today’s appointments but not all can be as my diary is very full so I’ve lost revenue.

“The area does sometimes flood but it’s never this bad. Last week we had flood water coming up through the drains. It can recede quickly here though so I hope I can make it into work as normal tomorrow.”