A ninth Labour councillor has sensationally quit today meaning the party no longer holds a majority at Oxford City Council.

Councillor Barbara Coyne is the latest politician to step down from the party and continue as an Independent after leader Sir Keir Starmer made comments on LBC radio suggesting that Israel had a right to enforce a blockade on Gaza.

The resignation of Ms Coyne follows the stepping down of eight other Oxford City Labour councillors who also decided to serve as Independents.

Labour will now rule under a minority leadership as 25 of the 48 Oxford City councillors are now from other parties.

Liberal Democrats have nine seats, the Green Group has six and there are now 10 Independents.

This means that a coalition could theoretically form to overpower Labour, though such a move has little historical precedent.

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Commenting on the recent loss, city council leader Susan Brown said: "I was very sad to hear from Councillor Barbara Coyne that she had made the very difficult decision to leave the Labour Party and therefore our Labour Group."

Oxford Mail: Councillor Barbara Coyne will continue as an Independent.Councillor Barbara Coyne will continue as an Independent. (Image: Oxford City Council.)

Ms Brown stated that Ms Coyne had written to her to say she would resign on the basis of her principles and convictions over the party's national response to the unfolding situation in Gaza and the West Bank.

She added: "She has however, also told me that she does not wish to join any other groups on Oxford City Council an intends to vote with the Labour Group, working to implement the manifesto on which we were all elected.

"I know she will continue to represent her constituents as an independent councillor and champion causes close to her heart, including the needs of older people."

As of yesterday, 22 of Sir Keir's Labour councillors had resigned in response to his LBC comments.

Ms Coyne now joins the list meaning she is the ninth councillor to make the move in Oxford, suggesting a disproportionate concentration of discontent in the area.

Councillor Damian Haywood had resigned from the party over a separate issue last month related to an inspection of Oxfordshire County Council’s special educational needs and disabilities.

Oxford Mail: Councillor Aziz formed a new Independent Group today.Councillor Aziz formed a new Independent Group today. (Image: Oxford City Council.)

Imogen Thomas, who represents the Holywell ward and recently stood down as a Labour councillor, chimed in: "I’m glad that another councillor has taken a principled stand today and left the Labour Party.

"Over 2000 children in occupied Gaza have been killed.

"Even as they flee South, civilians are facing indiscriminate bombing.

"It is urgent that Keir Starmer listen to his party and the majority of the electorate and call for a ceasefire."

This latest resignation falls on the same day that two other recently resigned councillors stated they would form an Independent Group.

Councillors Shaista Aziz and Dr Amar Latif had been the first to resign in response to Sir Keir's comments before six more councillors resigned exactly a week later.