Four Mosques in Oxford have released a statement decrying the Labour Party’s stance on recent conflict in Palestine.

Manavar Anwar, trustee of the Central Oxford Mosque and Oxford 4 Mosque Forum, said: "The Oxford Four Mosque Forum consists of all of Oxfords Main Mosques, all of our Mosques are independent.

"We are not restricted to any political party or its manifesto, therefore we will never hesitate to be a voice and to support those who are oppressed.

"We are here to support our local community irrespective of faith or background as we do with our charity activities"

The Oxford Four Mosque Forum, which incorporates four Oxford Mosques, published the statement calling on Labour politicians to distance themselves from recent comments made by leader Keir Starmer.

The statement coincides with the resignation of multiple Oxford Labour councillors who have stood down after Keir Starmer stated in an LBC interview that Israel ‘has the right’ to withhold power and water from Gaza.

Sir Keir’s comment followed the deadliest attack on Israel in decades and a subsequent intense Israeli bombing campaign of Palestinians where 1.5million people in northern Gaza were warned to leave their homes.

In light of the Four Mosque statement, now-Independent Councillor Latif told the Oxford Mail: “I think it’s a particularly strongly worded statement which reflects the sense of feeling about this issue within the Muslim community in Oxford but also wider afield.

“Local politicians should represent views of the whole community.

“The Muslim community is starting to say our vote isn’t going to be taken for granted.”

The Four Mosques statement begins: “Our faith teaches us to protect and value all life and to uphold human rights of all people.

“However our politicians continue to deny the human rights of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and blame them for the inhumanity of Israel’s occupation, inflicted upon them.

“The injustice is unacceptable.”

It continues to outline details of the conflict before condemning Keir Starmer and calling on Oxford Labour Leader Susan Brown and MP Anneliese Dodds to distance themselves from his comments.

Mr Latif added in response to the statement: “I think it’s incumbent on politicians who serve the local community to make clear their position on the comments made by Keir Starmer which were frankly unacceptable.

“There’s a lot of upset within the Muslim community about what’s happening."

Responding to the resignations, Oxford City Council Labour leader Susan Brown had stated: “Labour fully supports Israel's right to defend itself from the indefensible actions of Hamas, to rescue hostages and protect civilians in line with international law."

According to anonymous sources within the Labour Party, internal memos have circulated strongly warning councillors against attending any pro-Palestine demos.

The statement of the Oxford Four Mosque Forum continues:

“The immorality and shame of Keir Starmer and his MPs repeating this message over and over again is truly disgusting.

“We call on both Susan Brown and Anneliese Dodds to immediately distance themselves from Keir Starmer’s hateful words and call on them to demand Starmer apologises for his inhumanity towards the Palestinians.

“We will not be fooled by the Labour Party again.

“Our message to Keir Starmer, Anneliese Dodds, Susan Brown and Labour Councillors is do not take our community and our votes for granted.”

Oxford Mail: Statement.Statement. (Image: Contribution.)Oxford Mail: Statement.Statement. (Image: Contribution.)