There were some strong opinions among Oxford folk after protesters sprayed paint over the city's iconic Radcliffe Camera to showcase their opposition to fossil fuels as part of a student stunt yesterday. 

Police responded to reports shortly after noon when a 21-year-old University of Oxford student and 18-year-old man from Norwich, both representing the Just Stop Oil organisation, were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Some locals had strong opinions on the move though a few were less concerned.

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A man who works in the Radcliffe Camera for the Department of Social Policy, Sherif Akil, commented: “Just Stop Oil is about fossil fuel.

“Attacking such an institution doesn’t make sense.

“It’s pretty appalling.”

Oxford Mail: Police were called to the scenePolice were called to the scene (Image: Tom Seaward)

A music student at Queen’s College agreed with Mr Akil’s sentiment, and said: “I would have thought there are more obvious places for them to target.

“They’re targeting things that aren’t appropriate.

“It strikes me as an example of Just Stop Oil trying to get airtime rather than achieve anything.”

Oxford Mail: A protester.A protester. (Image: Hugh Warwick.)

Police officers attended the scene of the protest after being called at 12.25pm.

The last of the officers – an inspector and constable – left the Radcliffe Camera, which is part of the historic Bodleian Library, at around 1.30pm.

Oxford Mail: There was mixed reaction to the protest.There was mixed reaction to the protest. (Image: Tom Seaward)

Some passersby were of a differing opinion and supported the move, with Lily Baker, a student at Jesus College, saying: “As long as it can be cleaned I don’t have a problem.

“I’m more concerned about whether they’re a student and if something’s going to happen to them.

“I’m pro the message.”

Oxford Mail: They protested outside the building.They protested outside the building. (Image: Tom Seaward)

Another student at the Oxford college, Anna Basing, added: “No one’s getting hurt and it’s not inconveniencing us.”

Student of Nature, Society and Environmental Governance, Genevieve Beaufoy, said: “I think it’s great. We support it. The building will be fine and the institution will be fine."

Oxford Mail: It was a shocking incident.It was a shocking incident. (Image: Tom Seaward)

Just Stop Oil stated that the action is part of a “wave of civil disobedience by students across the country” that started yesterday at Bristol University, now spreading to the Universities of Oxford and Exeter.

Protester Daniel Knorr who is a biochemistry student at Oxford and responsible for the orange paint, said: "Hundreds of millions of people will be forced to move from where they live, or die due to climate breakdown. 

Oxford Mail: It was noticeable to passersbyIt was noticeable to passersby (Image: Tom Seaward)

"The only words to describe this are murder and genocide.  

"And that's why I'm taking action.

Oxford Mail: The group are taking action.The group are taking action. (Image: Hugh Warwick)

"We are demanding that university leaders all over the country make a public statement calling on the government to end new oil and gas projects.”

Meanwhile, a passerby aged 47, who did not wish to be named, said: “There’s just no need for it.

Oxford Mail: It was a sight.It was a sight. (Image: Milo Dennison)

“If they want to stand in the street and tip a tin of paint over their head then fair enough but they shouldn’t do it on an historic building.

“It’s just not right and I’m sure a lot of people are of a similar opinion.”

Oxford Mail: The paint being cleaned off the building around 4.30pm on TuesdayWork began to clean the paint off the building with jet wash hoses at around 4.30pm.