Confused Nationwide customers claim the building society's new logo looks too much like NatWest's.

The Swindon-based business unveiled a new look this week as part of a big brand revamp for its high street branches, website, and Pipers Way headquarters.

The white-and-blue icon of a sun setting behind a house, which appears next to the lettering has been turned into an abstract red silhouette of the same image, while the logo's background is now a much darker shade of blue that borders on purple.

A Nationwide spokesman said: "Since we first opened our doors in 1884, we've had a few different looks, but it's time to introduce our new, modern look, built on the values you know and trust."

Several customers have complained on social media about the redesign.

Rob Farmer said: "The new one feels like a homage to the NatWest logo? Or the agency just used it heavily for inspiration?

"If you must change your image, why have you made it look like NatWest?"

Another comment from Rebecca, whose surname has not been disclosed, added: "The font and logo are great.

"But the colours scream NatWest - was very confused when the app updated and thought for a second I'd downloaded a rival's by accident."

Oxford Mail: Nationwide's new logoNationwide's new logo (Image: Nationwide)Oxford Mail: NatWest's logoNatWest's logo (Image: NatWest)

Masuta Sodo said: "Should have stuck to the previous colour scheme though - the new one is too similar to Nat West. I also find the lower-case trend infantile."

Lorraine Needham-Reid said: "Did nobody in your testing or brand team say how like the NatWest this was? Sorry but this is an awful rebrand."

Nathan Stacey said: "Why have Nationwide decided to rebrand themselves as Natwest? What a weird rebrand that is."

Dave Jason said: "Looks like NatWest. Colours, shapes, angles, and the fact that your name starts with “Nat” Needed a double-take."

Pat Fagan said: "Reminds me of the NatWest logo to be honest. Really poor project management."

The new look coincides with an extension of the building society's Branch Promise which vows to keep branches open until at least 2026, and a new ad campaign starring Dominic West.