An Oxfordshire MP has set out Labour's plans to reform the NHS which “shames” the current government as she criticised both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak in a speech at the Labour conference.

Speaking in Liverpool, Shadow Women and Equalities Minister Anneliese Dodds said on Sunday that her party would "build an NHS fit for purpose”.

The MP for Oxford East said: "Tories, we are looking at you and the public will be too.

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“We will build an NHS fit for purpose for the future, by tackling rising maternal mortality and the health disparities that leave black women four times more likely to die in childbirth. Figures which shame this government."

She added that her party would take action to support women with menopause, tackle the gender pay gap and boost businesses led by women and ethnic minorities.

Ms Dodds also reinforced new commitments she pledged on Saturday to boost women's representation in parliament "by forcing every political party to publish data on the diversity of candidates for parliamentary elections in the UK, Scotland and Wales".

She said: "It's been a busy year for me and an even busier one for Labour. This year we set out our mission driven agenda to give Britain its future back and we have agreed a policy programme to deliver that change.

"Change that is desperately needed after 13 years of the Conservatives. Just look at the damage they have done over the last year alone.

"When we last met Liz Truss was crashing our economy and a year on Rishi Sunak is trashing our economic future and who always pays the price for this economic incompetence? Those who can least afford it.

"The Tories have stood by as inequality has soared.

Oxford Mail: "Only Labour will stand up and do something about it with a mission to deliver the highest sustained growth in the G7 so everyone can achieve their full potential with a new deal that will transform the rights of working people.”

She also spoke about the "appalling epidemic of violence against women and girls". 

"The last Labour government did more to advance equality than any in history," Ms Dodds said.

"The next will finish the job and make new ground by tackling the inequalities we face today."

She added that "structural racism scars our society" and also criticised the government for "fighting culture wars" ahead of equality. 

Sir Keir Starmer insisted doctors would sign up to his plan for extra weekend appointments to bring down England’s NHS waiting lists despite being able to earn more doing private work.

Oxford Mail: Sir Keir Starmer Sir Keir Starmer

The Labour leader, who has faced criticism for being too “timid”, insisted he had plans to grow the economy, build more houses and get the NHS back on its feet.

His overtime plan will enable the NHS to provide an extra two million operations, scans, and appointments in the first year.

An extra £1.1 billion will provide NHS staff overtime to work evening and weekend shifts, so more procedures can be carried out.

The measure forms part of Labour’s NHS proposals – including extra scanners and dental reforms – worth around £1.6 billion.

But it relies on NHS staff volunteering for extra shifts despite the lure of more lucrative private work.

Around 7.7 million people in England are waiting for NHS hospital treatment.