A paedophile who posed as an underage boy to prey on children on social media site TikTok could be handed an extended sentence next month, a court has heard. 

It comes after Robert Moors, who is serving a four-year jail sentence for targeting two children, admitted targeting a further 11 accounts belonging either to real children who had been tracked down by the police or accounts purporting to belong to youths.

He tried to get girls he thought were 10 to teach younger girls to perform sex acts on themselves and encouraged others to play out explicit acts using a hairbrush.

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The 38-year-old was in front of a judge at Oxford Crown Court on Friday (September 29) to be sentenced for the latest wave of offences – committed in late 2021, at around the same time as those for which he is currently in prison.

But Recorder Rachel Drake adjourned the hearing and ordered fresh probation reports to consider whether Moors was so dangerous he should be handed an extended prison sentence when he is sentenced later this month.

“I am concerned that this defendant is dangerous and I don’t think I should make that assessment until the preparation of a report,” the judge told Moors’ advocate Gareth James.

The defence lawyer accepted that the judge would be unable to find his client ‘dangerous’ without a new pre-sentence report, taking account of the new offences and any rehabilitative work he had done since his incarceration.

The difficulty with further delay, Mr James told the court, was that Moors had been transferred to Bicester remand prison HMP Bullingdon after he was charged with the new set of offences.

He had previously been at the Verne, a specialist sex offender jail able to put on the rehabilitative courses that would hopefully stop him offending in future.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail after Moors was sent down for four years in 2022, the parents of one of his victims issued a warning to others about the dangers facing children online.

“People need to be a lot more aware of how easy it is for children to be contacted online,” the father of the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said.

“Now, it’s a lot easier for people like him to sit behind a phone than approach a child.

“As they’re growing up you can’t continuously take things away from the children.

“I would just advise everybody that reads this to double check [what their children are doing online] for their own peace of mind – just check.”

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He said his daughter had shown him what Moors had sent, just as the other victim showed her father the messages.

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“There are other children out there who perhaps aren’t in the same home environment,” he added.

“I would say just try and be as open as you can with your children.”

Moors, formerly of Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, was remanded in custody.