Our pictures of school sports’ days reminded readers of the enjoyment they had taking on their classmates in track and field events.

But several pointed out that they weren’t the only activities that took centre stage – our years at school included other sports.

Picture 1 shows the basketball team at Temple Cowley School in Oxford which earned Oxford Mail coverage after a particularly successful spell in 1972.

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The players seen with their coach, Mr P Bryan, during a training session, are, left to right, A Hack, S Franklin, D Davies, T Scobie, R Buckingham and R Jefferies.

Michael Nash, vaulting in Picture 2, helped Headington Secondary School to retain the Oxford schools’ gymnastics championship in 1964.

Headington snatched victory in the final exercise ahead of Matthew Arnold School, Cumnor, and Northway School.

In Picture 3, we see the 17 boys chosen to represent the Oxford Schools’ Gymnastic Association at an event in Vordingbord, Denmark, in 1964.

They were due to spend nine days abroad with John Whaling, left, and Vic Brown.

Cross country was never one of the most popular events in the school calendar – it took place in the winter months when the weather was uncertain.

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But there seemed to be plenty of spirit among the runners in the two races we feature here.

Picture 4 shows the start of the 1963 Oxford schools’ senior run at Redefield School, Blackbird Leys, while in Picture 5, we see the massed start of the 1964 run at Magdalen College School.

The winner of the latter event was M Knowland, the school’s cross country captain.

Younger pupils did not miss out. Under the headline ‘Charge of the Mite Brigade’, the Oxford Mail published Picture 6.

This photo shows youngsters full of enthusiasm during one of the races at the St Barnabas School sports at Oxford University’s Worcester College in 1976.

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