OLA is a small school providing one continuous educational journey from Year 3 all the way through to Sixth Form, which offers everyone the chance to join in on a wide range of confidence-developing activities.  We have a high teacher to pupil ratio. This means our class sizes are smaller than you will find in other primary, secondary, prep or senior schools. OLA focuses on a more individual learning experience that fully nurtures academic potential.

As a school, OLA is able to add considerable value to an individual pupil’s performance. Class sizes are small, and year group sizes are also comparatively small, meaning that teachers can form positive relationships with all pupils to closely monitor their progress.

Oxford Mail:

OLA enables all pupils to make the most of their individual gifts, and to achieve beyond their expectations. The School welcomes pupils of all abilities and even caters for pupils with a wide range of special educational needs, and all are enabled to fulfil their potential.

Commenting on recent GCSE results, Head of OLA Daniel Gibbons said: “OLA has a diverse range of pupils, and it is a testament to the strong relationships between pupils and teachers that each and every individual is able to fulfil their potential. We continue to live out our core purpose of “To each according to their needs”, and we are very proud of every pupil and all they achieve, both in and out of the classroom. All pupils at all levels of ability have performed to their potential in their exams.

Oxford Mail:

Unlike other Independent schools in our area, we are co-educational from Year 3 all the way through to Sixth Form.  Being a small school, means that every child can receive individual attention throughout their time here.  Our teachers ignite pupils with fun and innovative learning, ensuring that they are fully engaged in the academic life, thus achieving excellent results. 

Our co-curricular offering is an essential part of day-to-day school life. All pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities, including sport, drama, art and music.

Oxford Mail:

Our outstanding highly praised pastoral care is at the centre of everything we do.  We see each child as a unique person, with gifts and talents to be nurtured, developing key qualities such as integrity, compassion, co-operation and courage.

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Open Morning: Wednesday 22nd November, 9.30 – 11.30