Comedy legend Peter Kay has hinted at reviving his classic Channel 4 comedy series Phoenix Nights but with a major twist.

The 50-year-old Bolton-born entertainer admitted that he has been working on storylines and plots in recent years, more than two decades after it was first shown on TV.

Writing in his upcoming book, TV Big Adventures on the Small Screen, the comedian reveals: "I still write down ideas. I had an idea only today of Brian getting Young Kenny to paint an enormous letter ‘H’ on the roof of the club so he can advertise they’ve got a helicopter pad.

"The chance of a helicopter ever landing is, of course, zero," Peter continues, according to The Sun. "As the years pass, I’m becoming more like Brian, but if Phoenix Nights rose again it’d have to be for something very special, maybe a film? Perhaps Brian could get visited by three ghosts. Now, wouldn’t that be an idea?"

In a March radio interview, co-star Paddy McGuinness hinted that they wouldn't rule out bringing back 'Max and Paddy', the Phoenix Nights spin-off show, teasing: "Never say never."

The TV star also told how he and stand-up legend Peter had already written a number of Christmas specials for the show, but never got around to releasing it at the time. 

Speaking on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Paddy said: "We do talk about it and what have you, but, I don't, I can't, I can't see it at the minute, but we never say never, but it's good to talk.

"Like Max and Paddy for instance, we wrote a couple of Christmas specials, and we still got them.

"And we never got around to doing on for whatever reason were back in the day. But we've actually got them!'

The Take Me Out host then went on to confirm that there are scripts ready and waiting in the wings should they ever be needed.

He then joked: "These days, I'm inherently lazy. So I like doing as little as possible for as much money as possible."