A woman who suffered brain damage after she was allegedly put on a detox diet by a nutritional therapist yesterdayJuly3 won £810,000 in compensation.

Dawn Page, 52, from Coxwell Street, Faringdon, told London's High Court she had suffered uncontrolled vomiting and a fit after consulting Barbara Nash, of Old London Road, Holton, near Wheatley, about losing weight.

She said she was treated in intensive care at Swindon's now defunct Princess Margaret Hospital following the fit in October 2001.

Mrs Page's legal team alleged Mrs Nash advised her to increase her water intake by six pints a day - and to avoid salt. They also said that when informed of Mrs Page's symptoms, Mrs Nash said "what was happening was not unusual" and "was part of the detoxification process".

Mrs Page, through her husband Geoffrey, sued Mrs Nash and today agreed the six figure settlement with Mrs Nash's insurers.

Dennis Matthews, speaking for Mrs Nash, said she was a "privately trained nutritionist", and emphasised she continued to deny she was in any way to blame for what happened. The barrister said £50,000 of the damages would be paid to Mr Page for caring for his wife.