A Victorian-themed murder mystery evening is being held at Oxford Castle and Prison on Friday, September 29.  

At the request of The Warden, guests are invited to enjoy a delicious two-course meal whilst they help to solve a 'murder most foul.'

A spokesman for the visitor attraction off New Road said: "Inspired by gruelling events at the prison, the evening will start calmly with welcome drinks in the candle-lit crypt, and the chance to mingle with other guests. Then it’s time to solve the mystery.

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"Following the clues, the newly appointed sleuths will work their way through the prison and interrogate those they meet along the way, followed by a sit down two-course meal served by the prisoners themselves, before the big reveal."

Oxford Castle is the oldest secular building in Oxford, later becoming Oxfordshire’s county gaol and prison in the 17th century, complete with gallows.

Oxford Mail: Ready for the murder mystery evening

The castle was used as a prison from the 1200s before it became a formal jail in the 1600s.

It acquired the name HM Prison Oxford in the 1888 prison reforms and closed in 1996.  

With several notable prisoners, including dangerous murderers and criminals, the prison provides an eerie and memorable venue in which to enjoy an evening filled with mystery, deception, and murder. 

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In 2006, the Queen visited the to officially open the revamped Oxford Castle complex.

The site features Malmaison Oxford hotel, in the converted former Oxford Prison, and other popular attractions including the Mound, Oxford Castle and prison and restaurants.

Tickets cost £75 and include a two-course meal. For more information, or to book visit:  

Fir more visit oxfordcastleandprison.co.uk/events/event/victorian-murder-mystery-dinner/

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