An angler reeled in an enormous 112-pound catfish while fishing in a gravel pit. 

Richard Cooke broke the record for the largest catfish ever caught at St John’s Lake at Linear Fisheries in Witney, smashing the previous record of 105 pounds.

Mr Cooke was out fishing 18 acre gravel pit, which is well known among the carp fishing community, at the end of August.

He was using double giant 21mm pellets and a pop up -  a buoyant type of hookbait most commonly used when fishing for carp.

After wrestling the giant to the shore and taking several photos with the monster fish, Mr Cooke released it back into the water. 

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Lee Robbins of Linear Fisheries said: "We have lost count of the anglers who on their first visit to this lake have caught a personal best carp, tench, catfish, pike or even bream there."

Oxford Mail: Richard Cooke caught a record 112lb catfish at Linear Fisheries in Witney

Catfish regularly feature in catches with the previous lake record set in 2021 at a staggering 105 pounds.

"We are reliably informed that there are now at least five fish over 70 pounds in the water, one which weighs over 80 pounds and the other 90 pounds.

"Pike to over 20 pounds have been caught and in the past the water has produced them to over 28 pounds," he said.

And it's not the first time Mr Cooke has reeled in something that big.

“He has caught quite a few of the last few years," said Mr Robbins. "Congratulations Richard. Great angling.”