This is a reader's letter which has been sent in to the Oxford Mail by Rita Smith. 

Over the last two years Witney has become an eyesore.

It used to be a very smart town but it has deteriorated into a right mess.

Everywhere you go in the town it has been neglected. Oh except Church Green.

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Coming from other counties to Oxfordshire it is very noticeable.

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Visitors  must think they have arrived in the third world.

Residents of Witney had pride in their town, but not anymore. It looks disgusting.

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When a friend of mine asked a councillor if Church Lane, Newland could have the hedging along the footpath trimmed, because children in pushchairs have to be taken along the road as the branches hit them in the face, he was more or less told to cut them himself if he wants it done!

The rivers over Langel Common are overtaken by overgrown trees and branches lay across the water.

Also walking from the farm museum to town is unsightly. 

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Surely some of our council tax goes towards maintaining the town or has it all gone on the 20-mile limit fiasco? 

The council just don't care what the residents think, they just do as they please.

Do they not realise they are meant to be working for us?

Rita Smith 

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