Mrs Hinch fans have shared the 'cheapest' and 'best' items for cleaning toilets and keeping them fresh. 

Your toilet bowl isn't exactly known to be the freshest place in your house - for obvious reasons - but that makes cleaning it properly just that much more important. 

If you are looking for a simple and budget-friendly solution, fans of the cleaning phenomenon Mrs Hinch have answered your prayers.

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Mrs Hinch - otherwise known as Sophie Hinchcliffe - is well-known and beloved for sharing cleaning tips and tricks.

So much so, she's inspired a whole community including a Facebook group called Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips where like-minded users ask and answer questions on everything from stubborn stains to useful products.

We have recently been sharing these tips including how to get rid of nasty smells in your fridge and wheelie bin, how you can keep your towels soft and how to get a streak-free shower.

What's the best way to clean a toilet?

One of the most recent cleaning dilemmas concerns cleaning your loo and how to keep it fresh for longer.

A member of the community group asked: "What is the best way to clean the toilet and keep it smelling fresh please."

Users took to the comments to share solutions including product recommendations.

One brand proved popular among members - Black Harpic.

The Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner x 10 better than bleach gel can be purchased in Sainsbury's for £1.85, in Asda for £1.30 ( normally £1.90) in Asda and £1 in Poundshop.

Meanwhile, the Harpic tablets can be bought in Sainsbury's for £3.50, in Asda for £3 and Tesco for £3.50.

A top contributor suggested: " Hi BLACK HARPIC. HARPIC Fizz Tablets."

Another person agreed: "Black harpic 10x brilliant stuff."

With a third chiming in:" 2 Black harpic tablets down n Black Harpic Liquid round leave 30 mins brush n flush."

However, many other cleaning contributors said that there is an option that is cheaper and just as - if not more - effective.

Oxford Mail: Mrs Hinch fans shared their advice on the best and cheapest products for keeping a toilet clean. ( Getty Images)Mrs Hinch fans shared their advice on the best and cheapest products for keeping a toilet clean. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Many members recommended using thick bleach for cleaning their toilets - with some suggesting leaving the product to work overnight or doing the task daily.

Thick bleach can be purchased for many major supermarkets including Tesco for 70p, Sainsbury's for 70p and 65p in Asda.

One person replied: "Bleach! Cheapest & best thing to kill germs."

A second commented: "You can’t go wrong with thick bleach the rest are only gimmicks."

A third wrote: "I always put bleach down mine and leave it overnight."

While another added: " It’s an everyday job bleach and wipe!"

What do you use to clean your toilet? Do you have a better method? Let us know in the comments.