BBC Breakfast star Victoria Valentine is leaving the morning show after 15 years on our TV screens.

The presenter is looking to return to university as she pursues a totally different career path.

Her last show was on Sunday, September 10 when she hosted the programme alongside Ben Boulos.

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After the BBC Breakfast episode aired, the host took to the popular social media platform X (formally known as Twitter) to share her thanks to a fan who sent her an email noticing that it was her last regular shift.

BBC Breakfast star Victoria Valentine reveals she is leaving for new career

Victoria, who first joined the BBC all the way back in 2008 as a senior broadcast journalist, said in the tweet: "To the regular who clocked it was my last @BBCBreakfast shift.

"I have a few more 0500 BST shifts over the next fortnight on @BBCWorld. UK viewers can catch the 1st hour on @BBCOne. Still active on Insta as @thesocialgardener - a nature/news adjacent pootle around my brain."

She initially shared that she was leaving the show in August when posting on Instagram, telling fans: "I am taking a little bit of a break from broadcasting and from the BBC in order to explore something new.

"So I - at the grand old age of 39 - going back to university. I am enrolled in a full time masters course, psychological sciences which I've kind of sold to my parents as a bit of neuroscience with some thinking and feeling stuff attached to it."

Later in the post, she revealed that she was returning to university to head into a new career, saying: "You can probably understand why that would appeal and be something I'm interested in. Should that all go well and I'm not terrible at it, I'll be looking to progress and do a doctorate. Perhaps four years from now you'll be looking at Dr Valentine."