A choir for people who can’t sing in Oxford has found a new leader.

The Oxford Tuneless Choir is for people who love singing but lack the ability, confidence, or practice to do it well.

It offers a "completely unpressured, non-judgmental environment for members to sing like no one is listening". 

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Previous leader Angela Knapp founded the group in November 2016 after she’d discovered and visited the first Tuneless Choir in Nottingham.

She said: “Because I’m a serious singer myself, I know how good it makes you feel. It really gets the endorphins flowing. 

“I therefore strongly advocate that everyone should have a place where they can sing.

Oxford Mail: Angela Knapp (left) and Corinne Miley-Smith (right)

“When I heard about Tuneless Choirs, I just loved the idea – the complete antidote to conventional expectation, offering a huge gateway to all who love to sing.

“We simply get together most weeks on a Wednesday evening and blast out songs together.

“We don’t sing in parts, so any harmonies are completely accidental. Everyone sings where they feel comfortable, without worrying if all the right notes are in the right order.”

Earlier this year Ms Knapp decided that the time has now come for her to hand over to someone else.

She added: “I am proud to have created and developed a great community here in Oxford, and many singers have been here for years to get their weekly fix.

“However, although retirement from my Wednesday evening commitment has beckoned, I still love the ethos, and will continue to lead the Abingdon Tuneless Choir as that meets on Thursday afternoons.”

Corinne Miley-Smith will take over the leadership of the choir in Oxford.

She teaches piano, cello, and singing by day at home and in schools and plays cello with Oxford Symphony Orchestra.

She is involved in many community musical and theatrical productions and it was through one of these, a Jekyll & Hyde musical, that she first met Ms Knapp.

Ms Knapp said: “As soon as I thought of Corinne, I knew she was the right person to approach. I just had to convince her, but it wasn’t difficult.

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“She came along to a session at the beginning of July and loved it.

"Since then, she has attended most sessions, and has taken the opportunity to get to know members of the choir and familiarise herself with the way the choir operates.

“She will, indeed, run the choir on the same lines as me, even keeping this branch as the only Tuneless Choir that offers wine at half-time.”

Oxford Tuneless Choir meets on Wednesdays from 7.45pm to 9.15pm at North Oxford Association Community Centre off Banbury Road.

Newcomers are welcome to join, with more information available at www.tunelesschoir.com/oxford.