A skateboard coach will be giving free coaching at a local skate park.

Mario Santos has been given permission by Eynsham Parish Council to teach at Eynsham Skatepark.

The parish council has given approval after confirming it would not impact others’ safety and enjoyment when using the space.

Mr Santos, from Bampton, has been offering one-to-one sessions around West Oxfordshire but due to their popularity decided to offer group lessons.

He said: "I am grateful the council has approved skateboarding sessions at the skatepark. It's a great sport for all ages.

“By providing coaching, not only can we help children and young people develop their skills, we will also foster a larger skateboarding community in the area.

"It’s also great to see a skatepark being used - it means less anti-social behaviour by keeping the young ones busy!”

Classes will run two evenings a week with a session for beginners and one for intermediates.

More information is available at www.brokenboardscoach.com or on Facebook at BrokenBoardsCoach.