Meet the 'world's happiest poodles' which have gone viral - because of their adorable smiles.

Abbie Qu's five toy poodles Angel, Kongkong, Kaka, Fengfeng and Bobo have charmed the internet and have more than 100,000 followers and 5.3 million likes on TikTok.

The dogs, aged between one to 12 years old, are from Shenzhen, China, and became famous after their owner began sharing clips of them online.

The 'world's happiest dogs' have gone viral for their adorable smiles

Abbie Qu, 33, said: "They were born with their nice smiles. It was surprising to see them become famous."

The dogs legions of adoring fans online often express their love for the pooches in the comments.

One comment read: "The most sincere smile I've ever seen." Another said: "Why does this dog have the smile of a grandpa?"

Abbie gives the dogs regular spa days in which she washes and conditions their fur and massages them.