An Oxford householder is concerned the city’s largest park is being “spoiled” by a minority dumping rubbish and refusing to use bins.

An unwanted armchair with a rubbish bag on top was spotted in Cutteslowe Park by a concerned park user on Wednesday (August 16).

The park user, who wished to remain anonymous, said bins in the park were frequently “overflowing” and random pieces of furniture are now being dumped.

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Oxford Mail: Bin overflowing in the parkBin overflowing in the park (Image: Contributed)

She said: “This is the first time that I’ve come across a blatantly dumped item of furniture.”

The park user said there was also an issue with “some dog owners adopting a somewhat lazy approach to dog waste disposal”.

She added: “Yes, they bag it correctly, but then they either tie the bag to the nearest tree or simply drop it in the grass where it can still be trodden on or picked up by curious young children.”

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The park user said the litter bin emptying regime was not adjusted to take into account school holidays and this meant they were often “overflowing” by the mid-afternoon.

Oxford Mail: Chair abandoned in the parkChair abandoned in the park (Image: Contributed)

She said: “The majority of visitors to the park behave responsibly but it takes only a few to spoil it for others.

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Oxford Mail: Dog poo scattered in the parkDog poo scattered in the park (Image: Contributed)

“It would help if the local authority provided more litter bins near the seating and picnic areas of the park and emptied them more often during the school holiday period.”

Oxford City Council is responsible for removing litter from all public owned areas in the city.

A contact form to report litter can be found on the authority's website.

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