Only one in six people can tell the difference between the designer watch and a counterfeit in this quiz - are you one of them?

Many of us will think that we're beyond being fooled and (even if we won't admit it) think we could confidently identify the fake - especially when it's put side to side with the real deal.

However, with 40 million counterfeit watches reportedly being manufactured and sold across the globe, it's best to be sure.

Whether you're crazy about Cartier, bonkers for Breitling or you're curious to see if you can tell the difference, the luxury watch retailer, Watch Pilot has created the ultimate quiz.

Oxford Mail: Can you tell the difference between the real and the fake watches? ( Watch Pilot)Can you tell the difference between the real and the fake watches? ( Watch Pilot) (Image: Getty Images)

All you need to do is look at these five images which each contain two watches - one is the designer and one is the counterfeit.

Compare the two pictures - study the timepiece's hands, its straps and every other signature detail that you can think of - before deciding on which one is the fake

Time's ticking...(sorry) test your skills below and find all the answers at the end.

Can you spot the fake watch? Take the ultimate quiz


Oxford Mail: Can you spot the fake Rolex? (Watch Pilot)Can you spot the fake Rolex? (Watch Pilot) (Image: Watch Pilot)


Watch Pilot has warned that you should "always be wary of extremely reduced prices".

A 'red flag' is when the saving of a Rolex is more than 10-25% of the current market value, the experts add.

They continue: "Really, there’s a reason Rolex watches are and should be expensive; they only use high-quality materials, from platinum to gold, and many of their materials are created in-house, such as the signature Oystersteel or Rolesium.

"However, today’s best replicas will more often than not feature expensive materials, even gold and ceramic, so checking the weight of your luxury watch isn’t always enough".

But which one is fake?


Oxford Mail: Can you spot the fake Cartier watch? ( Watch Pilot)Can you spot the fake Cartier watch? ( Watch Pilot) (Image: Watch Pilot)

Watch Pilot has stressed that the details matter when assessing the authenticity of a designer watch and this goes for Cartier too.

The experts recommend having a closer look at the type of screws on the Cartier watch's case back since this "can tell you everything you need in a heartbeat".

If it's a fake, you will most likely find “Phillips-head” or “x-shaped” screws, or worse, stamps meant to look like screws.

The experts explain: "Cartier watches are also known for their signature blue details, which should be visible on several coveted pieces, such as the Cartier Tank, the Ballon Bleu, the Panthere and the Ronde.

"The sapphire cabochon located on the crown should always match the hands on the dial for a seamless look, and if the shade of blue seems more turquoise than ocean blue, then it probably is a counterfeit". 

Is your answer locked in?


Oxford Mail: Can you spot the fake Breitling watch? (Watch Pilot)Can you spot the fake Breitling watch? (Watch Pilot) (Image: Watch Pilot)





Watch Pilot has hinted that you should be able to spot Breitling’s iconic 'B' drop into an anchor shape (depending on the watch model).

The experts add: "The anchor should always look sharp and well-defined, and the “B” is designed to appear wider and thinner at certain points". 

Patek Phillipe

Oxford Mail: Can you spot the real Patek Phillipe watch? ( Watch Pilot)Can you spot the real Patek Phillipe watch? ( Watch Pilot) (Image: Watch Pilot)

"Every Patek Philippe watch should display multiple hallmarks that help certify the authenticity of the materials," according to Watch Pilot.

You will never be able to see the serial number visible on the watch’s case back, they add.

The experts continue: "On the case back, you should, however, be able to see key hallmarks such as the number “750”, which means the watch is made of 18k white gold, “950” if the watch is 95% pure platinum, or a Patek Philippe seal (or a Geneva seal if the piece was crafted before 2009)".

Watch Pilot has reminded us that "replicas aren’t great at recreating these necessary hallmarks, so do check them carefully".  


Oxford Mail: Can you spot the fake Tissot watch? ( Watch Pilot)Can you spot the fake Tissot watch? ( Watch Pilot) (Image: Watch Pilot)

You can spot a counterfeit Tissot in the blink of an eye thanks to its signature “T” logo on the crown, according to Watch Pilot.

The experts explained: "Located on the winding handle, you should clearly see the letter “T” engraved. If it doesn’t look like an engraving, then it probably isn’t the real deal". 

How to spot a real designer watch from a counterfeit


Oxford Mail: Here's how you can spot a fake designer watch. ( Watch Pilot)Here's how you can spot a fake designer watch. ( Watch Pilot) (Image: Watch Pilot)

Tim Harrison, co-founder and watch expert at Watch Pilot has shared four tricks to help you differentiate counterfeit products from the real deal:

1. Triple-check that the online watch retailer you’re dealing with is legit 

Check the mention of “Official Retailer” or “Authorised Retailer” at the top of the page and read reviews on Trustpilot for extra peace of mind.

If you’re looking at watches from Patek Philippe, Omega, Rolex, or any other designer watch brand, make sure to go on their official website and review their list of authorised retailers across the country.  

2. Never get a watch that doesn’t come with the correct paperwork

Whether you decide to purchase your designer watch in-store or from an authorised online retailer, always make sure it comes with the necessary paperwork, including a letter of authenticity and the original box if possible.

3. Pay attention to the details

Expect nothing less than exquisite craftsmanship when considering your next luxury watch purchase.

If minute details like the dial text, the logo, or the serial number seem misplaced or messy, then you’re probably dealing with a fake. 

4. Colours matter

Sometimes, details like the colour of the text dial can help identify a counterfeit in the blink of an eye.

Take the Rolex Daytona Chronograph for example. On a genuine model, the word “Daytona” should appear in a darker shade of red, while a replica will display it in a bright red.

Apart from the right use of colour, the thickness of the text can also be a dead giveaway that the watch is a counterfeit. 


Time's up! Here are the fakes for each watch:

1. Rolex: Number 2

2. Cartier: Number 1

3. Breitling: Number 2

4. Patek Phillipe: Number 2

5. Tissot: Number 1

How did you do? Were you fooled? Let us know in the comments.