A planning application has been submitted to build an all-weather multi-sports-pitch and a new mini golf course at an Oxford park.

Submitted by games company Courtside, the plans would also see a café, two shuffleboard courts, two table tennis tables and a three-tier seating built at Bury Knowle Park in Headington.

Building a multi-use games area (MUGA) would mean one of the four current tennis courts lost and the putting green replaced.

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The MUGA would incorporate marking for four flexible mini tennis, pickleball and badminton courts, as well as two basketball courts and a netball court.

Oxford Mail: Plans submitted for new MUGA and mini golf course

It is proposed that the court lighting will not be used beyond 10pm.

The café would be closed in the evening, while the mini tennis nets on the MUGA will be removed overnight and the mini golf area will be padlocked at night to prevent ‘out of hours’ use.

A planning statement reads: “The scheme will redevelop and enhance an existing sports and recreation site that sits within the surrounding Bury Knowle Park, and as such the site already represents a community centre for outdoor sporting and recreational activities.

“The proposed development will also significantly enhance the quality of the facilities on the site and will bring them up to a modern standard.

“The scheme will provide a much needed and attractive facility within an appropriate location."

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However, there have been several comments left on the application objecting against the MUGA being used for pickleball due to noise.

Councillor for Headington, Christopher Smowton wrote: “Several residents have been in touch to note that the application for changes to the tennis court area of Bury Knowle Park has gained pickleball courts in between its public exhibition and the planning application, and the sport has gained a reputation for being unusually noisy.

“I also note that the application does not make any mention of the sport in it’s discussion of noise pollution, and therefore suggest the applicant might be invited to revise that document to assess the noise resulting from all the sports expected to be facilitated at the site not just tennis.”

Resident Peter Brooks wrote: “In the planning application, the inspector of appeal has only commented on the level of noise from tennis and not on the level of noise from Pickleball which is much, much greater.

“As can be seen from the comments that have been made by other neighbours, research has found that the noise from pickleball can be above the recommended level for neighbours comfort level.

“Therefore the planning office should ensure that there is a reference to a suitable decibel level limit stated in the planning application document.”