Residents have issued a frantic warning about mud on the side of a road capable of ‘swallowing people like quicksand'.

The sludge is located alongside Elvendon Road in Goring-on-Thames in South Oxfordshire, close to the start of the Chiltern Way path.

Goring resident, Anne Bergin explained that her brother got completely stuck in the mud while out on a family dog walk.

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She said: “I was out with three dogs, my brother, sister-in-law, partner and daughter, walking up the footpath by Battle Farm.  

“My brother was on the inside as we approached the footpath which leads to the woods.

“He just took a couple of steps in what looks like just a little mud and then his feet sank right in and he could not move, the sludge just gripped him like quick sand.

“My partner, who is 6ft 4inch, grabbed hold of him and with great difficulty pulled him out...minus his shoes, which were sucked under in the mud.

“My daughter had nearly walked in too and she got quite upset by it all.

“I put a post up on Facebook as I've lived on Goring most of my life and was not aware of this bog.

“I ride my horses past there and walk my dogs there.

Oxford Mail: The footpath in Goring-on-Thames as seen on Google MapsThe footpath in Goring-on-Thames as seen on Google Maps (Image: Google)

“It's definitely a danger as it's not obviously problematic...and toddlers, elderly people and small dogs could get into real difficulty.

“It's deceptive as it just appears to be a thin layer of mud or sludge on the road.”

“But this is much more than just a little mud. It's a mini bog and the suction is strong.”

Oxfordshire County Council confirmed that they had received a report of the issue and would be carrying out an investigation.

Officers visited the site yesterday afternoon (August 1) and have taped off the area. 

One user commented on Facebook: “This really needs sorting out.

“It’s happened to other people several times and could be seriously dangerous for a small child or someone on their own.”

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Another added: “I can remember previous posts on here a while ago about someone sinking in the mud. I thought the council had done something about it but obviously not.”

It is not currently clear what has caused the sinking mud alongside Elvendon Road.

One person explained that a trench had been dug along the side of the road several years ago.

They said: “This subsequently filled with mud and has been a disaster waiting to happen ever since.

“I'm not sure who dug the original trench or who has responsibility for it.”