Radio presenter Roman Kemp visited a farm near Oxford to learn about farming – as almost a third of Brits admitted not knowing what farms do or where their food comes from.

The Capital Breakfast radio host was sent to Rectory Farm, in Stanton St John, by McCain to learn about farming practices that can help the environment.

Roman Kemp said: “I got to ride in the tractor, and even met a soil health expert; who knew there was such a job?

“I learnt about methods including crop rotation to improve soil health, and wildflower planting to keep bad bugs at bay, as well as how McCain will be training and funding all its farmers in regenerative practices to ensure the future of our beloved chips.”

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Rectory Farm’s Imogen Stanley, 32, spoke to the celebrity about measures at the farm aimed at boosting nature, including planting wildflowers to attract birds and insects.

Chip manufacturer McCain, which sent Roman Kemp to the Oxfordshire farm, said a poll of 2,000 Brits revealed that a third admitted knowing that farming was important but having little understanding of where their food comes from.

Oxford Mail: Imogen Staney of Rectory FarmImogen Staney of Rectory Farm (Image: McCain, SWNS)

Gen Zers were the most likely to consider what effects the products they buy in the supermarket have on the environment, with 68 per cent wanting to make informed choices.

However, those over the age of 65 were most likely to know about nature-friendly ‘regenerative’ farming.